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The Perfect Indoor/Outdoor for All Ages and All Occasions ***PATENT PENDING

Battle Toss: A New Yard Game Classic

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Indoor or outdoor, you’ll want to play all year long. 

All ages can enjoy this new exciting game. 


Hear what people are saying about Battle Toss!

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The Original Battle Toss 

** Patent Pending

Competitive & fun for the whole family.

Now on Sale 

$99.99 (Tax included)

Comes complete with Game unit, two (2) sets of Battle Balls (40 balls total) and a laser cut Ball Storage Box with lid.

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If you or your kids like indoor/outdoor games or competitive games like darts, cornhole, beer pong, bocce ball, or ring toss, you will love Battle Toss.

It takes enough skill for those who want to get ultra-competitive, and enough randomness to be fun for everyone—even the little ones.


Great For Kids & For Adults

Play Indoor & Outdoor

5-Minute Setup, Stores Flat


Compete against friends, family and coworkers with this fun indoor/outdoor game. To win, be first to toss four balls in a line on the game board. All it takes is a little skill and some good luck to win this new, popular game sweeping the nation.


Family Get-Togethers




Backyard BBQs






corporate events






Patio Parties



Play Anytime, Anywhere with Anyone

Take this portable, popular indoor/outdoor game virtually anywhere—in the back yard, in the garage, in your dorm room. It’s super simple to set up, easy to play and fun for all ages — Battle Toss!

Are you a bar, pub, or establishment interested in making Battle Toss part of your game selection?  

Contact Dr. Smiles today to learn more about bulk orders or custom units.

  • Great for friendly or competitive play

  • Stores easily

  • Goes great with giant jenga, kubb, darts, cornhole, horseshoes, pop-a-shot, etc.


What People Are Saying About Battle Toss


Cynthia B.

Battle Toss is portable enough to go anywhere. We can take on vacation or I can send it with my son to college.

Adam S.

Really really cool. It’s like beer pong, but the space requirement is way smaller. Getting one. This will be a popular outdoor game for adults.

Derek G.

I like that there is a good balance of skill and luck. It’s the perfect amount of ambiguity. It’s a great game to take anywhere you want to engage a lot of family and friends.

Jake P, Houston

A lot of fun, exciting. Also a good spectator sport, which I really like. I like the randomness.

Abdul A.

The game is very amusing and simple. I like that there are a variety of ways to play - you can get creative. It’s perfect for a game room or social event.

Tom M.

As a bar manager, I know this would be a hit outdoor patio game. And we can bring it indoor for the winter. Definitely going to offer it as an option for families, for parties, or for corporate events.


There’s no wrong way to play Battle Toss

Whether you need a lawn game for the kids and whole family, or an outdoor game for adults that you can play with your favorite beverage or brew in hand, Battle Toss is the way to go.  Every kid love to throw balls——-Battle Toss will keep the kids laughing and playing for hours.

People are comparing it to darts, cornhole, bocce ball, beer pong, 4-in-a-row — gameplay that is both competitive, skill-based, random, and most importantly, FUN!