Battle Toss Outdoor Game Set

Battle Toss Outdoor Game Set

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Assembled Unit: 31"H x 15"W

Package Contents

  • 1 Battle Toss Outdoor Game Unit (assembly required)

  • 30 Battle Balls (15 of each color - Ping Pong Balls)

  • 1 Battle Ball Storage Box (assembly required)

  • 1 Battle Ball Stopper

  • 1 Assembly Instructions

  • 6 Replacement Battle Balls (3 of each color)

Handcrafted in America

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  • Estimated Total Weight (Unit and Ball Box): 6.0 lbs

    • Estimated Shipping Dimensions:  36-3/4" x 17-1/2" x 5"

  • Assembled Unit: 31"H x 15"W

Battle Toss is a family-friendly lawn game designed for two teams, with 1-3 players (or more!) per team. After assembling the Battle Toss game, determine the tossing distance based on the players’ ages and desired competition level. Once each team chooses a ball color, they alternate tossing Battle Balls into the net. If a ball doesn’t make it into the net, it’s a casualty of Battle. The first team to get four Battle Balls in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row—wins! If neither team wins after tossing all 15 Battle Balls, the game is reset and the Battle continues.    

See how easy it is to set up Battle Toss.

There are no tools required.